• too many white americans (and a lot of folks on my facebook feed): why is everyone so focused on what's going on in gaza? we have problems on our own soil that we should be focusing on instead!
  • the same people: *ignoring the illegal, unconstitutional police state in ferguson, mo and all the many, many situations like it in america*


I’m so devastated. I love you Robin.

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So you love log cabins, and you are a Star Wars enthusiast?  Why not combine your passions?

Oh yes

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Palestinian lady collects gas bombs fired by Israeli army. She grows flowers in these bombs.

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One of two fake abortion clinics on the same street as the REAL center, the EMW’s Women Center here in downtown Louisville. This one is right next door to the actual clinic and this place is seriously a nightmarish hell-hole for any unsuspecting women tricked by the anti’s. They assure you this this the abortion clinic, they get you inside, and then offer you food and drink—which of course, means that once you realize your mistake, you can’t run next door and catch your actual appointment, since you need to fast.

Women have come out of this building crying, and on a few rare occasions, without their pants. They take you to a back room for an ultrasound, have you remove your pants, and then begin lecturing you on the sins of aborting. They do not give you back your pants until you have listened, and a few women tricked this far refused to listen and stormed out furious, ashamed, and in their underwear.

This is the anti-choice agenda—lying, tricking, shaming, and embarrassing women to the brink of hysterics in hopes that she carry the pregnancy to term. Forcing her, through lies and manipulation, to do with her body what THEY want, not what is best for her.

There is no “choice” at the Louisville “Women’s Choice” clinics. Just abuse, shame, and bigots who would rather undress a woman to make her feel vulnerable and then explain how awful of a person she is than let her make HER. CHOICE.

I reblogged this at first without checking if it was legit but it turns out it is legit and people need to be warned. A simple google search is all the evidence you need.

Resources for women in Louisville, KY! PLEASE be aware of this. http://www.emwwomens.com/index.html

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And as a general rule: if the place says “crisis pregnancy center” or anything similar, IT IS A TRICK. Real women’s health clinics are typically called “women’s health clinics”. They do not specialize in ONLY pregnancy, because a uterus owner has more health concerns than just that uterus. Even if you get past the name, Planned Parenthood’s full description is as a health clinic, because they screen or refer to physicians who screen for cancers and diseases, as well as educate about pregnancy (yes, they can and do explain what to expect throughout pregnancy to new mothers who want their pregnancies. My mother found her Lamaze class through a PP.)

Crisis pregnancy centers cannot call themselves “clinics” because they do not actually offer licensed medical care. If they try to use “clinic”, remember that ethical doctors would never use “crisis” in their practice’s name; a crisis is a difficult choice or situation, often with moral implications (i.e.: “crisis of faith”, “financial crisis”, “mid-life crisis”, etc.) It has nothing to do with receiving medical treatment. No one with a broken leg is having a crisis; they’re having a medical emergency. Words matter.

HOLY FUCK! I have one of those Crisis Pregnancy Centers nearby!! Signal Boost. Thanks for the info!

It disgusts me that these places are actually legal to operate.

flipping fucking what?? This shit is legal?? holding your pants hostage must fall under some penalty CMON *FOAMS AT THE MOUTH*

This is not just in Louisville. I know for sure these fake centers also exist in Detroit so they must be in other places as well. Do your research, and be knowledgeable about the clinic you choose to go to.

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