You’re killing me, Smalls.

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Laying on grass around the Washington Monument. Last night on this road trip. What an incredible month.

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Anybody in the D.C. area want to let us crash Monday and/or Tuesday night?

Anybody in the D.C. area want to let us crash Monday and/or Tuesday night?

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Any Nashville bar/live music suggestions?

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Title: I Can't Do This Alone
Artist: Balance And Composure
Album: Only Boundaries
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Balance & Composure | I Can’t Do This Alone

I gave up long ago,
thought you’d never show.

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Last night in NOLA then Nashvilleeee tomorrow.

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"I think that accurately represents the distribution of wealth in America."

Purple and black, please :)

Purple (10 things about my room):
1. My bed trumps all others.
2. I have 4 posters on the walls: an Arrested Development one, a Beatles one, a Circa Survive one, and one that says I Believe in Beards
3. I do not spend much time in it.
4. I want to rearrange/redecorate.
5. It currently houses all of my students’ work from this past year.
6. I like listening to vinyl and cuddling in it.
7. It is usually covered in clean clothes.
8. I have sketchy Paranormal Activity type second doors in both my closet inside it and right outside it.
9. I only have one outlet, which is infuriating.
10. It is where the magic happens.

Black (One thing about the person I like): He built his own canoe.